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Legacy systems & data discovery ("as is") 

Implementing enterprise financial, commercial, HR and legal data structures and workflows since 1999, we are well positioned to meet the sophisticated demands for specialist Enterprise automation capabilities. 

Bespoke solution

modelling ("to be")

Offering outstanding quality and exceptional value intapp expertise to forward thinking law firms, we focus on delivering innovative solutions for the long-term digital sustainability of our customers' Enterprise Application Estate. 

Development & roll-out acceleration ("go-live")

Product knowledge, skills and intellectual velocity of our people ensure we are able to project manage, integrate and accelerate all aspects of our clients' implementations across the Enterprise Software Technology market. 

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     Boasting a portfolio of gratified top tier clients and utilizing modest network of curated, brilliant professionals, intapp・on - tap provides Specialist Legal Automation technical discovery, design, architecture & development leadership capabilities. Instrumental in Enterprise intapp implementation programmes, we have an excellent track record of delivering large-scale digital transformations, fully integrated with market leading PaaS & SaaS cloud solutions, as well as 3rd party services and APIs available in today's Legal Technology market.

     Usually, we start with developing a holistic understanding of all existing nuances, integrations, user acceptance levels and limitations of our clients' legacy, “As is” systems, business workflows and integrated processes. Together with “To be” software implementation requirements, we then prototype the solution and communicate in technical and non-technical business terms with variety of stakeholders. We build trust quickly, earn credibility and always aim to consider everyone's point of view on a particular business issue and approach digital transformation challenges with intention to produce a distinctive, innovative solution, without compromising success criteria of each business unit affected by the change. Each member of intapp・on - tap team is equipped with organizational and communication skills at the highest levels and is keen to demonstrate ability to focus on the client value in all work. They can show talent for creating business satisfaction by delivering under tight deadlines, whilst remaining calm under pressure.


     Services we perform, our skills and experience, range from technical analysis / solution prototyping to unified, enterprise-wide implementation roll-outs. They include, but, are not limited to・Master Data Services・Bespoke ETL & Performance Tweaks, Data Architecture & Development, Data Encapsulation & Governance, Data Synchronization & Replication, MDM Solution Audit & Maintenance, Business, Artificial & Augmented Intelligence・Systems Integration Services・Microsoft 365 Suite, intapp Suite, Thomson Reuters Suite, LexisNexis Suite, Aderant & legacy PMS, 3rd party web services & APIs, Document Assembly & Business Intelligence Systems・Workflow Automation Services・Time recording, New Business Intake, NCNM, ECNM, Conflict Search, Risk and Compliance, AML, Enhanced Due Diligence, Financial sub-process automation, HR, BD, Knowledge and Marketing Processes, Real user clieck and type intapp flow, change & development automation.


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Automate main workflows · Update Back Office systems · Regulatory Alerts · Financial micro-services
Embed Companies House, BvD and more · Train internal champions · Gracefully update legacy PMS
User Provisioning Automation · Simple Document Assembly · Unify Systems and Embed External Sources
Legacy Data & Workflows · Inventory Request · Macro Solution · Enhanced Compliance Monitoring
Client Financial Alerts · Event Booking · Physical & Virtual Access Automation · Data Normalization
Global Master Data · Accounting sub-processes · TRE - based workflows · Conflicts Data Merger & Acqu
Migrate Existing Integrations · Register of Interests · Conflicts Data Automation · HR Logistics
Integrated, Meaningful, Complex solutions ・ Document Assembly Automation and embedded workflows
Development and support combo packages  · Strategic funding approvals  · Client File Management
Starter & Leaver Personnel Logistics Automation · Ongoing Party, Client & Matter Management Flows
Embed 3rd Party Due Diligence · Enhance Business Intake Decisions · Upgrade AML, Risk & Compliance
Aderant Integrations · Implementation Audit · Client Terms Automation & Price Discovery  · DMS Autom
Pseudo-user Intapp Workflow Test Automation · Intapp Change Automation · Back Office Sub-Processes
New Business Intake · Risk & Compliance Workflows · Document Assembly Automation · IP Practice Flows
Implement Intapp Time · Aderant / Elite Workflows · Service Desk Subscription · Data Update Requests

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Integrated, Meaningful, Complex solutions ・ Document Assembly Automation and embedded workflows

Build Legal documents using multiple templates, and forms & workflow driven dynamic text sections ・ Augment document assembly by combining internal knowledge material & E-Signatures with 3rd party / paid information services and APIs specializing in Legal Technology.